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Wearing a printed top and pink wide-legged pants from Omorfos, Lakshmi attended the SIIMA Short Film Awards ceremony on Sunday. As much as I love her makeup and hairdo here, I couldn’t bring myself to like the separatees here. Those Ritika Sachdeva earrings while adorable just got lost in the overall outfit.

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  1. She must have the collection of ugliest clothes on par probably with Richa Chadda. When will these learn that wearing such tight clothes does not make you look slim, makes you look just idiotic?

  2. Nope, Nope ,No.. Just no.. On an aside, Ms.Manchu has answered “Why well-endowed women must stay away from ruffled blouses?” once and for all ..

  3. She look pretty bad but one has to admit that this bad outfit is probably one of her better style choices. I fail to see why she must be featured on this site at all.
    If you want to discuss style, fashion and good taste, certainly Machu and Balan are the last people you would consider as case studies.

    • Hahaha. Completely agree on the last line. But you do realize that there are people *gasp* who like these women’s choices too? Maybe P&P caters to those fans and also as a guideline on – what not to wear – for others. ;-)


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