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At LFW, Konkona was photographed in a Sanjay Garg sari. I don’t know about you but we sure loved it. Draped perfectly (look how those stripes line up), the minimalist styling helped the sari pop. Konkona made it work!

Am too much of a purist (or a wuss, depending on who you ask) to attempt a non-traditional drape. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the ease with which people like Konkona wear their saris. It looks both contemporary and effortless while still packing a packing a punch, perhaps even an equivalent of the denim-tee-killer pumps ‘dressed up-but-not’ aesthetic.

Do you experiment with your sari drapes?

Konkona Sen Sharma At Lakme Fashion Week

Konkona Sen Sharma At Lakme Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wish I could wear saris more often but still I do not think I would experiment with the drapes. I just love the traditional drape at this point in my life, given that I wear a sari just a coulle of times a year.

    Its so good to see three successive posts with women in saris.

  2. Beautiful saree but awful drape. Would have looked a million bucks if she stuck to a simple blouse with over the shoulder drape. But then, it’s her choice to experiment.

  3. That is such a great look. Such an interesting drape. I am a lab rat and I don’t get to wear Saris to work very often :( So I am so envious of people who can wear a sari regularly.

  4. I love how she’s draped it but I do think a different hairstyle like a pony tail would have elevated this look. I’m not liking the flat, centre-parted hair.

  5. love the saree and the drape.

    but I wish atleast some earrings were there and optional bangles. the look is too minimalistic. a nice earring always helps imo.

    Anyway I am very new to saree love and very recently have managed the art of the basic draping.

    let me stick to it.

  6. I love this so much. Those pleats are nothing short of perfection! The drape is a risky move but I’m sold! A tricky look that she manages to pull off. I’m glad she wore her hair this way–gives it an edgy, high fashion twist. The only thing I would change is the blouse. Not sure what’s happening with the bit hanging and the pleat/knot

  7. Sari & the drape works. But that makeup, particularly eye part is horrid. Makes her look like she is nursing sickness. Such a let down on an otherwise nice look.


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