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During the course of ongoing film festival, Kiran was photographed in a frayed hem dress by Shift. A classic wristwatch and pair of sneakers are all that it took to round out the look. Easy, casual and right up her alley; Ms. Rao did good. That dress, we like!

Speaking of the dress though, it sure gave us a pause. The striking resemblance to Marques Almeida didn’t go unnoticed.


Kiran Rao At MAMI 2016


Left: Kiran Rao At MAMI 2016
Centre: Shift Spring 16
Right: Marques Almeida Fall 15

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. resemblance? its a rip off!!! call a spade a spade please.. who/what is shift by the way?
    think they have ‘shift’ed their priorities from designing to plagiarising…

  2. Very well spotted! Today, a lot of young designers like Nimish of Shift blatantly copy lesser known brands believing that nobody will notice. Its a shame that this dress has been copied down to the last faryed thread…

  3. Copied to the last thread – nicely put!
    Kiran Rao looks pathetic in this ( sorry to use this word), the hospital gown I wore at childbirth looked better than this. The lengths she can go to be quirky !!!!

  4. So many designers.. So many clothes and Shift copied this sack of a dress.. Atleast tweak jna but.. Change of color or perhaps cut down the bad things about the dress you are copying, like avoid the hanging


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