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At the Chandon dinner hosted by Manish Malhotra, Kiara was seen in an outfit by Nikhil Thampi. I did like some of the pieces from the designer’s recent Semicolon collection but this definitely was not one of them. It was just such an awkward design.

Kiara Advani

Photo Credit: Viral BHayani

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  1. This looks like a patch up job done at the local darzi with different colored fabrics. Calling such outfits “designer wear” is a joke.

  2. That is such an odd outfit. Is that really a semi-colon on her neck? How did she think she could wear an outfit like this without looking silly? So you actually make a whole collection of random semi colons stuck on bizarre outfits in the oddest of places? Why is her bust is covered in two different shades of brown? So many questions…..!

  3. Ms. Advani, the dress may be asymmetrical but it seems to be molding your body into an asymmetry. Whats with the raised shoulder?

  4. Odd outfit yet I think she somehow pulls it off because of how pretty she is. Personally (mismatched browns & semi-colon aside) I kind of like the silhouette, although it may be because of how she’s posing. However, on most anyone else this would look like a complete mess! Sonam with her aggressive and serious posing could never pull this off.


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