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Of all the options that Mr. Tahiliani has to offer, why-oh-why did Ms. Kaif pick yet another rhinestone drape number?

(P.S. Doesn’t it feel like the front is actually the back of the gown and Katrina wore it with a strapless tube top?)


Katrina Kaif At Star Screen Awards, 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This reminds me of our neighbor Aiyer Uncle’s special occasion lungi (Dhoti). This is exactly what he wore at his daughter’s wedding !

    The hanging thing on the tube top reminds me of his white bag that he used to carry for the groceries.

  2. It sure does seem it’s on backwards; also the dress looks tight in her. Maybe when she fitted the dress a few weeks ago she was thinner and now it did not fit hehe.

  3. Is this a sari, a dhoti, a dress, or lungi. Confusing and not flattering at all. The overall beige is not looking good either. The length is too long. Kat come on now!

  4. if you check out the photo only waist down, it looks like a draped saree. LOL. Of all the silhouettes to pick, it finally had to be so saree like?

    I agree with other commenters that the gown fits too tight.

  5. omgosh.. so ugly!!!!!! I hate this gown how can anyone actually choose to wear this? What you said looks exactly like what she did.. backwards with a tube top lmao!

  6. She woke up in the morning thinking I am so pretty that I can wear a garbage bag and make it work.

    May be she should have. It would have been better than this beige disaster.

  7. YIKES. I have always thought she is very “meh”, but now she has officially transgressed into the “Wow, I don’t want to see her again” category. Congratulations Ms.Kaif.

  8. Guys, she hasn’t DIY’ed the dress, it’s meant to look silly with that boob tube top underneath. That’s how it was on the ramp. Awful material too, clings to every bit of her body and makes her look big.


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