Katrina on Vogue India:(Un)Covered

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Katrina graces the September edition of Vogue India in a tie-dye Nicholas K shirt-maxi and styled much like the runway model with layered necklaces. Love/Like?


Left: Nicholas K, Fall 2015
Right: Katrina Kaif on Vogue India Sep 2015

Photographer: Signe Vilstrup
Styling: Anaita Shroff Adajania
Make-Up: Rosario Belmonte
Hair: Bianca Hartkopf

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  1. She looks striking! Wish Katrina would dress like this in real life.. However gotta say the amount of photoshopping and airbrushing in this is ridiculous. I didn’t even know it was her when I saw it.

  2. Her expression isn’t fierce enough for what they were trying to achieve AND she looks like she is trying to pee in a public toilet while really avoiding touching the seat!! not working for me

  3. Ugh why must every cover have the leg wide open pose? It was okay when Lisa did it but now it seems to be a requirement for every cover. Be creative, man.

    On the aside, for those of you live in India, do you buy or read these magazines?

  4. There’s so much photoshop here that I didn’t know who it was until I saw the dead expression. Her hair is amazing as always but unfortunately it has more personality here than HER.

  5. Stop with the photoshopping already. She’s so naturally beautiful, but with all the editing, she looks like a dead mannequin in a really silly pose.


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