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Majan and Katrina Kaif Fan had asked us on Twitter as to why we hadn’t posted Katrina yet? We went through pics so quickly we thought this orange number was a stage outfit. Upon closer look, we realized it wasn’t.

So what was the outfit in question? If you hadn’t been able to identify, it was a Manish Malhotra.

Often picked on for wearing the same hair, Katrina changed it up by pulling it back and wearing a gold maang tikka. I think the orange looks good on her but am on the fence about the maang tikka. I feel like a pair of earrings could have given the look a bit of a balance.

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Katrina Kaif at Stardust Awards 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I LOVE this look. Mainly because of the change in hair, the bindi and the maan tikka. So different that the usual katrina ! Love Love Love !

  2. she looks absolutely mesmerizing
    i think she should try more ethnic attire because she is one of the most beautiful girl ever IMO

    the colour is so bright and i would never chose it but somehow kat seems to work it! i love how she experiment with colours…

  3. OMG the tikka looks out of place and what’s with the fit of the dress ?? She has the figure to carry off anything and she chooses this ??

  4. NO, no, no. that dress is just messy and all over the place. No semblance of a sillhouette to it whatsoever. Plus her khussas are atrocious.

  5. Hating this dress…those awful velvet sleeves, the silver piping, the shapelessness. Its awful. But I’ve always said Katrina looks good even in a sack, and here she is, looking absolutely lovely despite that godawful dress

  6. No wonder you thought it was a costume… I swear MM is having the last laugh making these girls look hideous without them batting an eyelid.
    I think his sabya insecurity is having him churn out quantity over quality!

    She looks pretty as always though – but its ironic that a bindi makes her look less Indian!
    ps. look at the sleeves…Ok i’ll go throw up now…

  7. what IS this outfit? i can’t tell if the top is separate from the skirt, or if it’s just a dress, in which case the dupatta looks odd.

    agree on the earrings, esp. b/c of the pulled-up hair

  8. She looks beautiful, and I like the mang tikka and the hair. The colour is good but the dress is so MM in the worst of ways – loud, tacky and needless borders. The dupatta is exactly the same design as the saree that Ash was wearing for the Filmfare awards.

  9. She came ready for her perforamnce but in her own dress, which she changed b4 coming on stage. Hence the maang-tika. However I didn’t like her dress at all. Over-overwhelming!!!

  10. i generally love this tangerine color, but at the bottom (it could be weird photo quality), it looks all plasticy and plus, i dont like the whole aluminum foil effect.
    she looks fine though, but this outfit is just meant for a wedding.

  11. I think the duppatta is completely wrong..too blingy, whereas the rest of the outfit is quite nice, even with the “foil” effect. But Katrina does look lovely with maang tika

  12. actually after having watched the show let me stand up for her and say, she wore the hairstyle & maang tikka for her performance and then just didn’t take it off. so that explains that, but the outfit i have no idea what she was thinking. i think Kat wants to look as much as a “commercial” bollywood actress as possible perhaps?


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