‘Skirt’ing Issues

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We aren’t sure if Ms. Kaif swapped out her skirt before or after but we know for sure she didn’t wear the satin one (on the right) to the press meet and thank goodness she didn’t. The look was so average already (with the hair and the odd cutout ruffle blouse and those flats), that skirt would’ve just added to it’s woes. But, then considering she got photographed with the skirt, guess, we’ve don’t have to wonder how bad that look could’ve been.


Katrina Kaif


Katrina Kaif at Rajneeti Press Meet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, India Today

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  1. Both looks are extremely drab but the one on the right in particular. This is pretty bad for Kat who usually doesn’t mess up this horribly. From head to toe don’t feel ANY of it.

  2. pumps wud’ve made a world of difference…yet there’s something uneasy about the skirts and blouse..too pedestrian maybe? actually i think tht hair is not that simple to pull off; those big waves are high maintenance, but she does it.

  3. Notice how she has the same expression in all the 3 photos! But then, this is Katz we are talking about…that’s probably the only expression she has :-)

  4. that hair…that dress…those shoes….n the event in question is a press meet,presumably in the day time…..


  5. hmm what’s wrong with those flats?! I think they look pretty decent and casual…don’t we guys have such comfy pairs?!

  6. To me it looks like she wore that satin skirt over the other short one. Maybe she wanted a little leg coverage until she got to the press Meet. Plus she looks tired and sweaty in the pict on right. She def freshened up a bit before the meet.

  7. why can’t she ever get it right…she looks so beautiful but her clothes totally ruin it.. she desperately needs some fashion lessons


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