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Wearing a Raw Mango sari, Karisma attended a World Environment Day event on Monday evening in Mumbai. While she looked nice, am on the fence about the sari. Not a fan of broad borders, but that’s just my personal taste.

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Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love the saree! Traditional, but not boring. And Ms Kapoor manages to mix it up, even while sticking with her favourite black. I do think that this would have been picture perfect if that blouse were sleeveless, and if the saree were ironed. But not deal breakers for me.

    Now, off to find this saree!

  2. She looks lovely. She has that innate elegance no matter what she wears. The blouse could have been better. But after seeing the eye sore ugly 3/4th sleeves with hard-to-breathe tight blouses & shabby drapes, this seems far better.

  3. Bharat mata ki jai! she looks like a kid out of a bad school production on the freedom struggle…
    also how sad is that plant…

  4. Hahaha such a beautiful saree aside, I cannot get over the God-awful hypocrisy of that poor wilted plant. Just smacks of everything that’s wrong with our celeb culture.

  5. That poor wilted plant!
    That aside, the sari could have been salvaged with a better draping , some ironing and another blouse.

  6. This is a cool look ! the blouse is from raw mango”s latest collection< a black blouse would have been plain and boring. AND please guys sitting in a saree at an event it is going to crease the fabric realise that !!

  7. I came here to wonder if Raveena didn’t get the memo. Karishma and Neha seem to be dressed completely different while R wore a shiny green thing. Ah green!

  8. That blouse does nothing! nothing at all to elevate the saree.
    Whereas all it does is confuse the look.
    Nope. Not working.


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