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Karisma, who also performed at the NDTV’s telethon, opted for separates from ILK wearing them with black Louboutin pumps. Adhering to her dress code of the at-least-one-item-must-be-black, here she opted for an embellished black top. Can’t complain though, she looked nice.


Karisma Kapoor on NDTV’s ‘Our Girl Our Pride’ Telethon

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. For someone as stylish as her this is a bad choice. Those embellished shoulders look like something AB wore in Shahenshah, the skirt looks drab b’z of the color and the fit. Her make up is still flawless but doesn’t save this sighting.

  2. anon : looks like you criticized just for the sake of it or your are totally ignorant of current fashion.
    Embellished shoulders are so In this year and its tasteful that she din go over board and kept everything else simple.
    this look is not too glamorous, but i can wear it from office party to a visit to relatives house to a lunch with friends .. its elegant , its well put together .

  3. Preeti,
    Who decided that these ugly shoulders are in? We don’t have to be lemmings and follow some trend just because a star is pushing it. That shirt is so hideous that no amount of publicity will make her a trailblazer of epaulettes. A top that even a king of pop would have rejected imo!

  4. Karisma looks v chic and different !! plz guys try and carry off this cool outfit first ! Then comment… its a tv interview and v appropriate !!!>>


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