Karishma (Un)Covered

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It’s that dress again!

I thought I loved the yellow but now am digging the green a whole lot more. What about you?

Blue, yellow or the green?


Karishma Kapoor, Verve October 2008

Shantanu And Nikhil SS 08

P.S. Thanks for the correction.. Am always confusing the two names!

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  1. It’s a beautiful green. Also, I love every single one of her accessories – the ring, the bracelet (Cartier Agrafe collection?), and the earrings. Her face has been Photoshopped a bit unfairly, though – she totally doesn’t have a crazy triangular face like that.

  2. Hi P&P,

    Thanks much for the reply!I’m sorry..the ‘thank you’ comes rather late but I did wear the combo you suggested a couple of times and felt awesome ;)

    psst–it’s Karishma not Kareena :)

  3. Dress Color – A (Love it)
    Jewelry – A (perfect)
    Makeup – A
    Hair – B (Could do better)
    Overall – A

    (looks much better than the model in Yellow but I can’t forget her backless red salwar kameez on the ramp last month. That was the WOW dress and makeup for Karishma. )

  4. Its karisma, not kareena :)

    I am sooo loving this green, its definetly the best one, also the dress looks the best on karisma compared to dipeeka and neha or katrina.

    I like the sparklyness of the cover, very glam!


  5. The green looks beautiful! Definitely prefer it to the blue and yellow versions. And Karishma really wears it well! I also REALLY like that ring…the emerald is HUGE! Not so sure about the earrings though.

  6. love the green – it looks great on all skin tones. though, i think the yellow is still best for those with more tan or brown skin. karisma looks fab, although the jewelry was a bit too matchy-matchy for me – some contrast colours would have been nice!

  7. i am so kicked!! last 3 months have been buying so much of this colour an this is goin to be my next buy. have a lovley green from shatanu and nikhil which is a lovely green saree drape.
    S&N rock!!

  8. Love everything about this dress, her accessories are safe but work well. The only thing I don’t like are her acrylic nails with a bad french manicure

  9. why do they photoshop people’s faces so much these days??!!! argh!!! the green looks fabulous!! i am also curious to know who is best dresses in 2008…P&P can you get hold of this mag and tell us what’s in there??

  10. groannnn! how many more times am i going to see this dress on the celebs???! it’s gtn boring, tho i like the dress. of all the colors, i dig this green one the most. karisma’s complexion makes this dress look even better. but bad photoshopping on her face.

    IS that a real emerald ring shez wearing?

  11. I think if her hair was pulled back, she’d have looked more sharp. Nevertheless, I loved the color, and the dress itself. It reminds me of the black jean paul gaultier dress that nicole kidman wore when she won her oscar…it was slightly different.

    A very good ensemble of green emeralds with a green dress. this green is much better than the yellow. I would love to see the back side, how it looked on the back i wonder.

  12. Stunning, she has really morphed into a really pretty woman….love the cover, love the jewellery and the dress looks fab…..good job Anu Mahindra

  13. Love the color, the dress, the ring and the bracelets, Not digging her makeup and hair. As for the earrings, I think the Kapoor sisters have one of those diamond drops in every hue…she could have gone easy on the ears. Bu the overall effect is not a WOW for me. She’s just too well coordinated – not a hair out of place sort of look that never has done it for me. I like the subtly wild and natural…oh well, that’s just me.

  14. Love it the most in green.
    Head too big for the body. Don’t know if it’s the angle at which the pic’s been taken or that’s just the way she is. Ditto for Kareena. Not trying to be mean or bitchy but it really distracts from what they’re wearing.

  15. Love the color, and you’re right, it does look better than the yellow. But then again, I think there’s been a OD of yellow since I’ve seen that color on sooo many celebs this past summer. Hehe.

    Karisma is SO photoshopped. Her skin is not half as perfect as it looks here – also, the features aren’t that sharp in her real-life pics. And well, as usual, she’s trying to look like little miss hot thing. She tries too hard.

  16. karisma looks soooo different now than she used to 10 yrs ago but somehow i cant pinpoint what shez changed abt her face except the eyebrows! how did she get so drop-dead gorgeous??

    once agn, she still looks younger than her lil sis!

  17. She looks amazing! I don’t think the photo is photoshopped because I’ve seen her in other pics and she looks the same…K I’m not sure she had plastic surgeory on her nose, since it sort of resembles Kareenas. I may be wrong

  18. The dress looks so blah on the model, but on Karisma it looks gorgeous. We’ve seen it on a lot of people and no one has worn it as well as her. I love that shade of green too.


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