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When it comes to taking to the skies, Ms. Kapoor loves her statement sweatshirts and was spotted recently wearing her Zara “Attitude Is Everything” with tan boots and her Zadig Et Voltaire “I Used To Be A Hippie” with red canvas sneakers.

Now, you tell us which of the two travel looks is more you?


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Twitter

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  1. Us Bombay girls are so desperate to wear our boots that we flush them out the second the mercury hits 29°C. All you haters can continue to hate.

  2. If people be a-hatin, they be doin it it vain! It actually makes perfect sense to travel in boots and coat to the airport. saves a ton of space in the carryon, plus you don’t have to worry about wearing something warm as soon as you get there. From ac house to ac car to ac terminal, after only a short walk in the mumbai weather, i doubt that the weather really matters!

    • Agree with you. Kareena has good casual dressing sense. She wears Manish Malhotra all the time for Indian wear, but doesn’t look Chammak Challo. Even in her Chammak Challo song she doesn’t look like Chammak Challo. :) Kareena’s drawback is her pouts and poses. If only Shilpa can acquire atleast Kareena’s level of casual dressing sense, she can kill it.

  3. Love her sweatshirts….but the boots just look so damn silly and impractical for air travel, especially given that you have to take them off and then put them on again at security checkpoints.

    • I’ve worn boots plenty while traveling. Not that silly
      First – I don’t always have to take them off…unless they set off a metal detector. With precheck
      Plus, is it even required to take shoes off at airports in India….isn’t that more a US or a flying-to-the-US thing?

  4. Can somebody please ID the brand of jeans she is wearing in both pictures. And ID the sunglasses in the right picture…guessing they are Saint Laurent


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