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If you felt a sense of déjà vu on seeing Kangna you weren’t the only one. We’ve seen the actor do the flared dress, pearls, pumps and mini bag look twice before (see further below) with one being as recent as two weeks ago. Her earlier looks had different hairdo and make-up and they worked the looks worked because they weren’t too strong.

At the GQ Awards though, she changed that up and gave us cat-eyes eyes and a biig Holly Golightly updo, both of which I love. Only issue is, I just don’t think it goes with the rest of the outfit.

Are you liking it?

P.S. Kangna is in Red Valentino with a Dior Neckpiece. Thanks ‘Pritham’.


Kangna Ranaut At GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013



Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She can dress like Audrey Hepburn daily and still won’t look like her. I’m sorry to say. This is getting too much. Looks like dress-up party outfit.

  2. the dress is super cute on her and the makeup is much better than before! i just wish she did a different hairstyle because this one is not working with this dress.

  3. This girl really really does try hard.

    We should applaud her for putting in so much effort. She definitely wants to stand out and make a fashionable mark.

    She looks nice, but the conservative in me doesn’t approve with the shoulder strap at a red carpet evening event. She should have used the Lady Dior handles to make it feel less casual.

    • Now that sounds a tad patronising – a try hard. While I do believe Kangana is a sophisticated fashionista with her own haute style, more so than Sonam Kapoor who has a team building her up and still looks “over done”.

      • Yes Adya, she does have her own style, true but it’s not natural, it’s not effortless, it’s almost borderline desperate-for-attention. As for Sonam, i didn’t even mention her. I like Kangna and I said she looks nice. Don’t know why these people always hating on masi!

  4. She looked good. Love the up do! And I think the lining of the dress is supposed to be seen. It’s the GQ awards, not some OTT serious event. Her look fits the event.

  5. the hair-do does feel heavy, but I like everything below that. and super to see her repeat her pearls :P do think the black dress was best Hepburn take though.

  6. She readily draws inspiration from the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn.
    This makes her look different, indeed, from all others in the Bollywood Anarkali Brigade. Kudos!
    However, the ‘in-your-face-cleavage’ here looks a little wannabe kind!

  7. That constant pout and the barbie doll dress up is getting annoying. There is this need to thrust the boobs on ones face, it doesn’t look tastefully done and to begin with they are not even ****! Ha ha.

  8. I like the fact that she has her own style and enjoys dressing up. Very steep evolution for her. She doesn’t have the clout or the team or even (presumably) the money of someone like Sonam…and despite that, she makes us sit up and take notice.

  9. I dont know what you guys are talking about – she looks fab. There is only one person in Bollywood who can actually pull off this look and she rightfully did so ! Go Kangana !!

  10. Love this look! The hair does seem a trifle OTT. It would’ve worked better with a full-length gown at a red carpet event. But I do appreciate how Ms. Ranaut plays with her fashion–she makes it fun!

  11. She rocks the black dress and perls and looks so stoic in it love the look on her . Please never play it safe , this is so you ripping through the clothes look and there is definite challenge in the eyes. Loved this bit

  12. 1. The shoes. Oh the shoes! You cant wear black pumps with a red dress.
    2. The hair- its not the ’50s anymore!
    3. The dress: She needs to wear clothes that match her age. This is more like a teenager.
    4. Whats with the bag?

    The Dior neck piece is lovely.

  13. She is a star and using her license rightly to do just about anything! Im bowled the bouffant the dress the neckpiece..full marks to her!


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