Of Fashion Week Sightings

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The night before the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week, Kangana was spotted with Kalyani wearing a Bibhu Mohapatra floral dress with a bright orange coat, red clutch and beaded white pumps.

A few days later, Vogue editor Anaita IG’d a pic of herself with Kangana and Bibhu. One would’ve expected Kangana to be in a Bibhu here but instead the actor was spotted wearing a Red Valentino tee.

Wish we had a better pic of the latter appearance. Heck, wish we had all the pics from Kangana’s Paris trip. :(


Left: Bibhu Mohapatra, Resort 2015
Left: Kangana Ranaut With Bibhu Mohapatra
Right: Red Valentino Frog and Lip Tee

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  1. Kangana is my fav celeb to be featured here. She rarely conforms to the typical Bwood looks which are so so meh! Btw, I missed Sameera Reddy on these pages sooooooo much! Anyone know where she disappeared to? P&P pls look for feature her ASAP! Lots of love your way, ladies :-)


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