The Pink Ladies

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Amisha set the bar so low that she pretty much made everyone look better in their sari but we’ll have to give a special mention to Kangana. We think she looked really elegant in hers. As for the others, it just felt like more of the same. Who do you prefer among these three wearing pink?


Kangana Ranaut, Natasha Madhwani and Sameera Reddy
Shilpa Shetty Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love love love Sameera’a saree ! I want one I need one ….

    I really think the saree would look better if a person named Koel wears it to the next Desi party .. Don’t you agree ;-)

  2. kangana looks ADORABLE…she’s another fashionista who can carry any style beautifully !!

    sameera looks good too….natasha looks passable

    ohh i can’t stop admiring kangana !! :P

  3. kangana looks great…loving her hair.
    indian celebs very rarely put their hair up. i personally love tied up hair…in an elegant bun or just pulled back.

  4. Kangana looks SO pretty. She looks a lot better in real life and when she actually smiles. I love her whole look. It’s gorgeous.
    Did everyone at the reception take a leaf out of the Shilpa Shetty playbook of style? Every single lady there seems to be channeling vintage Shilpa or modern Shilpa, but Shilpa nonetheless. Ok maybe except for Amisha.

  5. Love Kangana’s sari!
    Also really like Natasha & Sameera…but I think it’s more because I just love pink.
    Just on a sidenote, I think Natasha wore the same sari clutch to the Hinduja reception too

  6. sameera is the picture of elegance here. Kangana’s pose is all wrong. She may have the hair and makeup down pat but that annoying pose does not do justice to a sari

    • someone shud tell kangana to stand with her feet together..especially when u wear a saree or u’ll look like ‘chameli’. love sameera..very elegant. goes to show southie wear saree better!

  7. Not a big fan of these milky pinks..but my vote here is for Sameera. I love the Reddy sisters !
    Question : What would Natasha’s saree material be called ? Is it net -tish ?

  8. wow, after looking at all the pics on the gallery I think Kangana completely stole the show. Its not the outfit in particular although the colour is perfect on her – she just looks soo stunning. Maybe its the hair, finally you get to see her lovely face instead of all those mad corkscrew curls that were so distracting.

  9. kangana’s hair just takes the cake and the attention away from the saree and the pose …. but in a good way …. the saree is not so bad either kinda cute ….. kangana just rocked this look …. she looks the best compared to the rest of the ladies at this reception

  10. Kangana looks great – and Sameera looks really good too (in comparison with her prev appearances on this site).

    Yay – for the normal draping of the sari.

  11. I love Kagana’s whole look. Sameera too looks good, though I think maybe she should have worn a warmer pink. Natasha’s is nothing special, though compared to how I’ve seen her previously, it’s a bit of an upgrade.

  12. kangana lukz fab, shez slowly turning into a diva i cant stand sameera, her sarees a old style, she cant carry the jewellery off, she needs to stop trying so hard


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