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Kangana spoke at the News18 Rising India Summit in Delhi wearing a Sabyasachi sari from his latest Spring 2018 collection. Something tells me, stylists/stars got the hint that we all were getting a wee bit bored by the same ole signature Sabya styling and now we’re seeing ladies go a different route.

Having said that though, think the milkmaid braids work with the sari and the mandarin collar blouse? I liked it.

Kangana Ranaut at News18 Rising India Summit

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  1. This girl looks so cute and comfy in anything she sports, she makes the look her own which is what I liked the best. I didn’t see sabya or the jeweler brand but just the lively smile ! Loved it.

  2. Trust Kangana to always change it up and stand apart from the btown crowd- gorgeous! Love all the finishing touches; especially the hairstyle and the lip color. Slay fashionista!

  3. Kangana has such stately and defined, sharp features. Yet with the combination of the big round earring and the braids it just somehow makes her face looks so much rounder and double-chiny. Regardless, a novel attempt to change up the same ol Sabya styling.

  4. She always amps up any outfit she wears, especially sarees… However, not able to warm up to this look… Too many contrasting elements, did not like the colour combination either.

  5. Kangana wore a pastel chiffon saree earlier on that day. loved that look and saree but the stylist did not mention the brand or designer of the saree.

  6. The saree and the blouse are too mismatched and don’t go together with all the other accessories. I wish she chose a simpler blouse to co-ordinate. That being said, she still looks lovely.

  7. Earrings and saree go together and the hairdo and blouse go together. But sadly the saree and blouse don’t. But she looks fine being who she is.

  8. Love the mix of prints and colors. …reminds me of how girls dress in the mountains of Himalayas and Alps. …
    I wish she had worn elegant kolhapuri heels . A glimpse of her feet would have been sexy.
    The mandarin collar looks great on her. She would look fab in a traditional Chinese Cheongsam a la Maggie Cheung in WKW’s In The Mood For Love. I am hoping her stylist reads this.
    My fantasy is Kanggana and Ranbir in the Indian version of In The Mood For Love with her slinking around in gorgeous sarees and Ranbir brooding in elegant traditional Indian wear. SLB could direct . He is good with costumes and music.

  9. The Chinese blouse with the buttiwala saree is a bit much for me to handle. Then the german braids. Kangana does make it work.

    It’s almost like the stylist got away with something so experimental BECAUSE it was Kangana. The girl can carry off anything.


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