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In London to do a fashion shoot, Kangana was spotted heading out of the city wearing a Burberry trench with a turtle-neck dress, a Burberry satchel and booties. The actor reworked her bag and booties into another look for a night out with friends sporting yet another Burberry piece, this time an-off shoulder sweatshirt from the label.

She looked great in both looks!

Kangana Ranaut at Mumbai Airport(left, center) and London (right)

Left: Burberry Trench Coat ( BUY )
Center: Burberry Colorblocked Tote ( BUY )
Right: Burberry Sweatshirt ( BUY )

Photo credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks so chic in both. Having said that, we have seen her in classy looks like that of look 1 many times. Such flawlessness!
    This also makes me like look 2 more. She is absolutely rocking that off-shoulder top with boots. More than anything, I am always in awe of the fit & fall of clothes on her. Always so perfect – If fitted, it is fitted to perfection & if a certain clothing is meant to fall a certain way, it does so in her case. With her attitude to boot, she is a treat to the eyes!

    • Agree with u . Fit and fall always perfect . Dunno how she does it . Most actors are fit and in shape but she somehow achieves that . Fuss free , rightly accessorised and yet glam . My fav . Love her

    • +1000 ….love her style. I feel her personality and her confidence shines through. I know some ppl don’t like but after watching her interviews I get blown away.

      • Her confidence is the capstone of all of her looks & generally too. Ofcourse she has a very few supporters in Bollywood as she is a self-made woman which is so unlike the nepotism based industry she is in. They (the “natives” of Bollywood) perceive any outsider as a massive threat. Combine that with her confidence & ofcourse people are only going to hate her. IT IS THIS REASON, which makes me like her! She is unique amidst the general mould everyone else is out of in the tinsel-town be it as a star, as a fashionista and as a person. Her interviews are mind-blowing because of her choices & how articulate she is given her age!

        • I guess she is one of those who are either loved or hated. Her independence and belief in herself makes me love her. I wish somehow I could be as secure as her. She can intimidate yet inspire ! That is awesomely unique trait that none of the other Bollywood personalities have. Others do what can be perceived as right out of fear of how ppl will think about them.

        • You are soooo right Bluebells. Kangana is a smart badass woman. She is the middle finger to the status quo in her industry and country. A great role model for many young girls in India. Power to her.

  2. Love Kangana’s style because she always looks great without looking like she’s trying too hard. No ott makeup, no jewellery or bling, no fancy hairdo. And still rocking it.

  3. Love both looks, but the second one a bit more because the hair and overall styling is a total standout. Kangana’s style aesthetic is awesome, and no one does casual chic better than her!

  4. I just love her attention to detail. the length of the jeans with those boots just elevates the look to such a unique interesting level. Most people would have paired a longish denims tucked in. and that sweatshirt is all awesome!

  5. It’s not even that cold in London, but considering how celebs dress for the airport even in Indian summers, I guess it makes sense. That aside, I loveee both these looks, especially the second – high fashion brand done right!


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