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We sure are envious of Ms. Chawla. Not only does she have an enviable job, she makes sure she looks darn good while doing it.

As for this particular dress, it makes a lot more of an impact on the runway than off it. While we do actually like the dress, it just seems so much more dialled down, especially with the tank inside on KC. Considering it was Paris Fashion Week, wish Ms. Chawla had chosen if not riskier then at least another not-so-day an outfit. Having said that, we much prefer this on any given day of the week over the blue disaster that was Ms. Pinto.


Left And Centre: Kalyani Chawla At Dior Showing, Paris Fashion Week, Sept 09
Right: Christian Dior Fall 09

Photo Credit: Style

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  1. It just doesnt go with her skintone. It looks great on the model coz she is tall and her skintone is paler compared to Ms Chawla…( see thats my trouble with these ‘style divas’ they don on clothes they look good..but dont give a moment’s though to whether or not it will look good ON THEM…)

  2. …I hate this woman.
    She gets to wear my favorite clothing brand ALL OF THE TIME. LITERALLY. I WOULD KILL…
    ahem…she could have looked a lot better, without the necklace and the tank and the shoes and the bag and the sunglasses are even weird
    so-so look

  3. This dress looks awesome on Kalyani….the colour tones and her complexion-totally justified…she has dressed it down for a day event …thats good ain’t it?

    The sunnies with the mercury tint maybe a bit ott but overall I think she looks great


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