In Varun Sardana

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Can’t imagine anyone better wearing this shimmery Varun Sardana dress than the quirky model Bhavna Sharma.

Okay, so we would’ve chosen a different belt, skipped the chapeau altogether and certainly wouldn’t have had the courage to pair those boots with the dress but hey, we aren’t the ones wearing this ‘look’, Bhavna is, and she wears it with ease that’s for sure. Question is, do we like it on her?


Left: Varun Sardana, Fall 09
Right: Bhavna Sharma At Good Earth

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Rediff

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  1. Her face reminds me of a certain Mrs. Bekham in the first pic…
    unfourtunately nothing else does
    I love her attitdude, but she should have just worn the glasses ;)

  2. i love it everytime she walks down the ramp… NOBODY can walk like her. she’s got the chutzpah that we rarely see in ppl generally featured here… and she gets my vote!!
    screw ’em, bhawna.. keep it quirky! :)

  3. Sorry, but this is not funky dressing by any stretch of immagination. It’s just downright horrible – yuck for the outfit, the boots and whatever that is that’s crawling on her hair!


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