Of Promotional Duties

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Wearing a Manish Malhotra sari, Kajol attended the launch of a watch company in Dubai yesterday. The sari was pretty but neither did we like the gold halter-neck blouse nor the jewellery (by Minawala).

She seemed to do better the next day in the Mango blazer and the black pants. Love her hairdo there.

Kajol at Roger Dubuis Store Launch in Dubai


Kajol at Roger Dubuis Boutique Launch in Dubai

Photo credit: Ahlan Live, Instagram/DipeshDepala

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  1. The look in the saree is meh, love the earrings though. The second appearance…. WHOA!!! Kajol is finally looking like what she is capable of!!! Hope her stylist stays with her forever. :D

    • swear i even was like waoh! for the blazer look. her stylist shud stay, bt the saree look was real meh and the hair do was not quite too !

      PS : P&P did u all check Gerrard Butler wth her, so devilishly dapper ;-)

    • lol you sound like a bully in middle school. There’s nothing wrong with leaving a natural part of yourself on your body. She doesn’t want to thread then she shouldn’t have to.

      • Wax, may be? Or tweezers to tidy them a tad?? Lol I jest of course. Ironically I got bullied in middle school! :( tres sad. Nobody called me ‘girlfriend’ though!


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