A Three-Way Ditto!

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Seen first on the designer and then on Delhi socialite Seema and then in a blue version on Sonali on the India’s Got Talent promos, this pink Ranna Gill dress was spotted on actress Kajal Agarwal at the premiere of the Telugu film ‘Magadheera’.

Although Kajal has quite the height for this maxi, her hair lets me down. She does way better than Seema, of course, but Ranna wins this round for me just because of the hair.

Who do you like best?

P.S. Thanks ‘chandana’ for the news tip-off!


L To R: Ranna Gill, Seema Jajodia and Kajal Agarwal

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  1. that’s too many unknown girls to get me confused, its time to go to sleep I don’t feel like solving the puzzle of which lady is which…

  2. You are very welcome Payal.I stumbled upon your website looking for a anakali design and since then became a huge fan,infact there are a few of us here in North Carolina.And thanks to you both for making us fashion literate..if it wasn’t for you girls I wouldn’t have know who Ranna Gill is in the first place,let alone who wears what.

  3. I really really like the dress!!! I agree shorter hair looks better with this dress because you can actually see the detailing. Very girly dress!


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