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Two appearances that could’ve been great looks become Almosts. Kadambari looked fabulous in the French Connection bandage dress and the gold necklace was a great addition but those sandals cut off the legs oh-so-unflatteringly.

We love the French Connection Dandy Voile dress but on Achala the whole look misfired thanks to the blingy gold clutch.

How we wished Kadambari had picked pumps and Achala, a black clutch.

Left: Kadambari Lakhani at Elle Breast Cancer Event
Right: French Connection Bandage Dress

Left: Achala Sachdev at Roopa Vohra Jewellery Launch
Right: French Connection Bandage Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, IndiaGlitz

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  1. I think the same old pumps with short tight dress is a Priyanks Chopra routine…the ladies are having some fun with fashion and looking darn nice!

  2. Girls, just one friendly comment. Though i am glad the blog is doing well, the ads do seem to be getting out of hand. I see some at the beginning of each post. The pages take longer and longer to load. I have stopped checking out the page at work now cos the ads are too on-the-face and “loud”. Would be nice if u keep the ads in simple and sorta discreet links like google does and not go the doomed yahoo way. I am afraid soon thr will be flashplayers with sound and flying birds and each one i shoot, i stand a chance to win 20000 usd.

  3. Kadambari is looking FAB. Stop over analyzing Girls.. I cant fault her look a bit. The sandals are a good change ova the same ol pumps we see on everybody.

  4. I think Achala dressed better than Kadambari.
    On Kadambari, there was a gold over dose with gold necklace & almost gold looking bangles. Though sometimes I like combining modern & traditional but not in this case.

  5. Gold necklace with black metal bangles – doesn’t it look so wrong?? Even if the shoes were perfect, I think that look would have been an “almost”anyway.


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