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It’s not the first time we are seeing Kadambari wear Narendra Kumar and it probably won’t be the last time considering she is good friends with the designer. Having seen the dress paired with yellow sandals on the runway, part of me wished Kadambari had injected some fun into it by adding color via footwear.


Left: Narendra Kumar, A/W 2009
Right: Kadambari at Pallette Showroom Showcase

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Could you give me some pointers on which tops(could be passed on as dresses, as above n also the post on Sonam today) should be paired with leggings? If I wear one such without skinny jeans or leggins can one make out it’s a top n not a dress?

    • I really think it depends on your height and your legs and the top itself.
      Personally, as someone who is very short, I can generally wear what most would consider to be a long top or tunic as a dress. I only wear leggings with a top if it’s a wee bit too short to safely wear as a dress. Generally speaking, my tunic and leggings days are my lazy days- my leggings are my yoga pants.
      I would never wear the dress pictured above with leggings- tights (a la the model) yes, leggings no.
      It really depends on your shape, there are no solid rules in fashion :)


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