Birkin Watch!

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It’s been a while since we spotted one and the latest entrant to the ‘Birkin Watch’ is Juhi. Can’t be sure since the image is bad, but we suspect she is carrying the smaller version also seen on Anju Taraporewala.

P.S. We’ll post more pics once we find her carrying it more.


Juhi Chawla


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  1. ….

    Firstly, what IS Juhi wearing? she’s literally wearing the entire color palette….the only missing color is purple… but oh wait, the Birkin completes that!!

  2. bunty meets babli and goes to paris to buy the eiffel, stops over at hermes instead.

    ps – i have to admit, i drool over hermes.. the first bauble i bought was from a hermes boutique, but that damn birkin looks more and more dowdy by the day. i know i’m in a tiny minority, but i still think it’s a bag my mom should be carrying instead. just because it’s near impossible to get doesn’t mean it’s good !! :)

  3. agree with hmmm!

    also, it isn’t really that impossible to get. the ones that these star(lets) have are the very basic ones, barring a couple of ostrich and crocodile that i have seen here. those aren’t even that expensive and there really isn’t even much of a waiting list for them. so there.

  4. Juhi looks hideous!!
    Can someone please tell me how does one get a birkin? everyone seems to be carrying one but they have a very long waiting list which is never open??

  5. juhi looks like she’s lost a lot of weight..but it keeps fluctuating….nyways she looks good in da kurti…da pants n shoes cud be bettr…..nevertheless she’z as stunnin as always….


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