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Janhvi sported two more gowns while attending the Ambani-Piramal engagement bash at Lake Como first in a floral Rahul Mishra one and then in a purple Manish Malhotra.

Between the two, much preferred her in the purple. Am a big fan of Mishra, but between the color and the floral appliques on the bust, I wasn’t a fan.

Janhvi Kapoor

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  1. Why is she posing with a milk carton in the first picture? Is that a milk-maid fantasy gone wrong? Did the engagement also feature a red carpet award ceremony? Why is she so over-dressed? So many questions .. the mind boggles!

  2. Why is there a milk carton in the first picture? Did the engagement feature a red carpet award ceremony? Why is she so over-dressed like its her own engagement? So many questions … the mind boggles!!

  3. Where are “normal” festive clothes? Was this a Prom Night?
    If only she wore a classic Benarasi/Chanderi with some fun jewellery.
    Something is not right here.

  4. Really a milk carton bag, I mean I am all for fun accessories but I dont think it went with the formal/party gowns. Look all kinda silly!!!!! This bag is suited for a Nickelodeon awards and all teensy weensy things.

  5. That bag is kitschy and not at all in a good way. The boho princess styling with a milk carton saying ‘100% boys tears’- so incredibly out of place.

    These people will wear anything their stylists ask them to? Or perhaps some are so distasteful themselves? Every resource at their fingertips, yet the bizarre looks they keep churning out! It takes a special kind of disconnect from the real world to be this way.

  6. I would love to see her dress her age. Why can’t she loosen up a little and go easy on the overly made-up looks which she churns out like she’s participating in some princess pageant? Think Alia or even Soha. They look and dress their age.


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