In Atelier Zuhra

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Janhvi opted for an Atelier Zuhra strapless gown to wear to the Zee Cine Awards and while on the model, the gown looked nice, on Janhvi it felt quite overwhelming.

Did you like her appearance here?

Janhvi Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Again a look for the editorial only that did not photograph well on the carpet. Also, why the additional volume when it looked perfectly proportional on the runway.

  2. It’s a lovely look, but not for Jahnvi. I am so itching to see her swap this gown with Alia’s floral one and wispy hairdo. And see Alia in this red number, red lipstick et all. I think it would suit the sexy siren look she has been trying hard to nail these days… sigh, if only I were a celebrity stylist!

  3. Nope.. I thought she looked good after a Long time.. a clean look.. with that neat bun.. she looks nice.. yes on the model we don’t see all that volume come across…

  4. Sorry for double commenting, that dress looked eerily familiar, a quick archive search and this seems to be a look favored by the Kapoor sisters, in what looks like the exact same gown in different colors,

    and Alia,

  5. Dont take ideas from Sonam and wear these extremely voluminous Cinderella like clothes! Narrower silhouettes and muted lips will look better and more age appropriate.
    I dont think of myself as a stylist but her dressing sense is SO OFF even I can suggest minor tweaks.
    Atleast keeping the hair knotted was a good move. Her face really glows.

  6. Are you kidding me?? Kapoor family got the same gown in bunches in similar colour. This one in red and that gold one by Sonam. Tbh, Sonam’s was farrrrr better and styled. But even this look good. But since I have already seen Sonam’s, Jhanvi falls flat here.

  7. Too much crinoline. She looks like a well washed DIY barbie doll cake for a 5 year olds birthday party. The kind where you pick up a random doll from the toybox, wash the “marker makeup” off it and stick it into the home made dome cake (full disclosure I have done that in desperation at a failed birthday cake). Yeah that! She needs to find her own style. Rather like Karisma in the 90’s she is still floundering.

  8. It looks so beautiful on the model
    Do these stylists add an extra ring at the hem for Indian celebrities so it looks huge and poofy? C’mon this can only look good on a 9 year old’s birthday party.

  9. Actually I like this look. But o god.., how hard it is to carry so many pounds around waist and also be worried about bustire not falling down..Do they even go pee in the event and always have to keep shoulders like this to support the bustier.

  10. After seeing the look from the model I feel she looked lovely waist up only !!!
    I think she’s very young why not wear smth age appropriate this look age her


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