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Wearing what seemed like an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla yellow sari and embellished blouse, Janhvi attended Deepika and Ranveer’s reception on Saturday evening.

Unfortunately, Wearing the sari the way she did made this look feel very tacktastic. She could’ve learned a pointer from these ladies on how to drape a sari when wanting to show off the blouse.

Janhvi Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She really needs to choose a new stylist who can dress her for her age. The color of the saree is so cheery, its just sad to see her wear it this way. With that much of the pallu lying on the floor, it looks like she is in a state of undressing at the end of the night.

  2. worst dressed of the day!
    no suiting the event in question.
    khuli, jahnvi,ananya, tara,sara all other girls of same generation were far better dressed.
    she needs to change the stylist asap!

  3. Pretty tacky and awful….. she and her stylist need to back to the drawing board and do a study of fresh, classy youthful aesthetics. Alia’s looks are a good starting point.

  4. Poor thing! She is so young and it seems she is lost! Wonder if Sri had been around whether Jhansi would have turned up like this? I hope she changes her stylist and gets someone who can give her a trendy makeover to make her look like the simple, beautiful young girl she is and not some try hard (and fail) sexy diva that she need to necessarily be

  5. I feel sorry for her actually. She doesn’t need to drop her pallu to be relevant, she has just started out. Her stylist needs to be fired.

  6. She wasn’t trying to show off the blouse, it’s her abs she was trying to show. :-) Beats me how someone can attend a party like this.

  7. If she wanted to show off her enviably toned mid-riff she should have just worn a lehenga! this just gives off a desperate bar-dancer vibe

  8. I thought Jahnvi had a wardrobe malfunction with the pallu slipping off. But then I saw the video and now I can’t unsee it. Why such a young girl has to do this to stand out is beyond me!! I ain’t no prude but gosh this made me cringe.

  9. Jhanvi needs to fire her stylist as she is making her look way too old and odd with her fashion choices. Nothing looks sharp and chic, nothing stylish. very garish! very cheap looking and messy this look. If I were her family member I would suggest her to drape the spree well. She is disrespecting the saree here.


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