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Wearing a blue sari (by Arpita Mehta), Janhvi attended a ceremony organized by the Norwegian consulate on Tuesday evening. She sure looked lovely.

Who else was instantly reminded of Sridevi from Mr. India?

Janhvi Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • I wish for a little thoughtfulness when drawing unequal comparisons with her mother. I can’t help feeling how raw this young girl still must be with all that has transpired over the past year. And I think she has handled herself with enough grace given the circumstances. Sure fashion wise Sri had a certain grace and elegance, but that was hardly acquired overnight and in any case Sri’s are pretty big shoes to fill for anyone, let alone her daughters. As a public figure, I do know that she must be dealing with a lot of unflattering comments in any case and perhaps this comment isn’t even on a comparative level, but I was moved to respond nonetheless.

  1. She looks very pretty, but yes it bring memories of Sridevi’s iconic look. I feel bad for her, ‘cos everything she does or wears will always draw comparisons to her mom. And it would be next to impossible for her to match up to her mom in any way.

      • Can someone explain what the “what’s designer about this” comments means?
        Are designers not allowed to design plain clothes and sell them and if someone still buys it, well good then they bought a plain designer outfit? Isn’t that how free markets work?

        • Then they are not designers. And if they are in that case my local store man who runs up a border for a plain saree is also a designer. There is no specially designed colour, pattern, detail here. Its no different from Jashn or Kala Niketan. But to indicate social status and justify price tag it is termed designer. Free market tactic which consumers are free to call out.

          • And that was comepletely unecessary? Surely you know how reading works because I didn’t once say no one is allowed to say it, I asked what someone means by it?
            Which leads to me to my next point – consumers are not buying the product here which is why I’m confused. Consumers can and should absolutely call it out if they are the ones buying it. They can also not choose not to buy it Are people just that concerned for celebrities spending their hard earned money wisely in that case?

              • Fair enough no issues with commenting at all, but I was just wondering irrespective of whether it’s a good to bad outfit why people get so upset by it? I see these comments all the time and so it was a genuine question. And especially since they are simply loaning it and not even buying as someone needlessly pointed out.

  2. I think she looks very ordinary. I million girls with less access to money and designer would do a far better job. There is nothing designer about this at all and unfortunately Jhanvi does not have persona or charisma to elevate ordinary clothes.


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