Oh-So Pink!

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Much too (bubble-gum) pink. Much too tween. Much too prom.


Jacqueline Fernandez At Airtel Mirchi Music Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. awww…she’s young. people in their 20s are allowed to wear pink if they have fun with it! well, i think so anyway :D

    either way, i think she looks good. she’s kept accessories simple and the dress which on someone else may have looked terrible looks hot on her

  2. I think she looks very pretty! The dress would have fared much better without the bow, or at least with a bow in a different colour. Like her neck up a lot. :)

  3. that bubblegum pink and with all that shine, yes she does look like a teen out on her way to prom! i dont like the hair too..
    some might say its cute but i say people plz dress ur age.Maybe another shade of pink, she cud have salvaged the dress. WTHeyy!

  4. I WISH this is what people wore to prom! Have you SEEN prom pictures before?! The horror D:
    I just don’t get this aversion to pink, it’s just a color. Reminds me of how all the girls magically gave up the color pink around the age of 12-13 and blue suddenly became the “it” color.
    I think the dress is great- she looks great. Had the bow not had that weird trailing ribbon it would have been perfect.

  5. There is no harm being all pinky pinky when you are in twenties.
    It is how you carry yourself. And she definitely carries the dress well.
    Moreover, you cannot please everyone at all times.So, the dressing yourself should be depending on how comfortable you feel.

  6. Oh wow, she looks really beautiful. There is nothing wrong with pink, some of you are so critical. At least she had the sense not to overkill it with pink shoes/bag. The hair looks good, the makeup is not over done, she just looks really good overall and I have a feeling she probably put that dress on and felt like a million bucks-which is exactly what she looks like, in my opinion. “prom” dress? Some of you are so jaded by western concepts. And the weird thing is if she’d worn this at a music award show in the west she’d probably get really high marks from the western fashion critics.

    • no I don’t a agree ,no marks for that , it made her look like a 41 year old actress trying to look like her little daughter ,I would not wear this for a prom ! not even for a million bucks :) sad but true

  7. eww, eww, eww…is all i can bring myself to say. it’s one thing to know that you’re pretty and can carry off anything, but this is really called pushing your luck! she looks like she’s wrapped in gift-wrapping paper..

    • I agreeeeee ! I swear she is carrying my grandmas bag ,you know how old is that ?a cartier bag ? how old are you girl? is she going to a prom wearing that ? I’m confused now !! its not even a nice color ! black maroon ,pink dress ?? uuurrgghhhh sooo sad ,fashion police !! arrest this srilankan lady !!!

  8. she’s wearing a dolce gabbana dress and a cartier bag! ultra chic… now that you so called critics know she’s wearing dolce i bet you wont make the same nasty comments. you patronize everything western!


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