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Two different appearances, two different two-tone dresses… which gets your vote?


Ameesha Patel
Left: At Sanjay Dutt’s Wedding Anniversary Party
Right: At Aamir Raza Hussain Play

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Why, oh why does she insist on a hemline that is above the knee? She lacks the fashion maturity to know that more skin isn’t always the better looking option. It’s time to grow up Ameesha.

    Btw, she looks like Elijah Woods in that first pic.

    • these dresses are such improvements over her previous disaster appearances that I will overlook the “shortness”.. atleast as annie said earlier.. its not vulgar.. she had really lost her sensibilities about the appropriateness and suitability ..

  2. Such a change to see look smart and chic.. esp. in the first one.. there’s an awkard fold in the bust area.. though. She’s not looking tacky… which is such a relief

  3. Its a surprise for sure,to see Ms Patel this sober. Still can’t get over her wierd saree drapings. I liked her in the first pic, from the party.

    btw, she wearing what looks like Gucci footwear in both the pics. And loving the Bottega.

  4. I’d rather she wear the short dresses rather than the Saris.. seriously they just made my eyes sore.

    I think she got it perfectly in the party images and looks rather nice.

  5. she look chic in the party and cute in the bash. overall she is decent. but she looks better without makeupa nd covered . i always try to remenber her role in blockbuster Gadar opp sunny deol she looked wonderful in that movie still all covered . never had such success after

  6. despite the fact that she annoys the life out of most people, myself included, Amisha is undeniably blessed with good looks and shiny locks. One just has to see Gadar ek prem katha to realize that. I just wish she’d cover up her chunky legs and wipe that annoying expression off of her face.

  7. Love her in the first pic. Neat dress but- Miss Patel!! Give us just 5 inches more of dress from now on…we will appreciate it sooo much!


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