Belting It Out

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We are die-hard aficionados of Chanel but a tacky belt on a certain Ms. Sen has put a bad taste in our mouth when it comes to wearing Chanel belts well.

When it comes to logo-flaunting (or spell-it-out letters), we prefer a minimalist approach and so you’ve probably guessed by now that the only one out of the three we prefer is Jacqueline.

P.S. We wonder if going with a very simple outfit after her ramp walk in an OTT lehenga was a concious decision on Jacqueline’s part. :P (Jacqueline attended the Phadnis show after the Riyaz Gangji event)


Left: Sonia Garware at Pria Katria Puri’s Wine Tasting Event
Right: Jacqueline Fernandez at Vikram Phadnis Shagun Fashion Show


Riya Sen at Asiaspa Launch, 2008

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. what has happened to Sonia G? considering her height and weight, she should stay away from the puffy/big collar kind of dress. Jacqueline looks good, she has the body to wear this dress, although my feeling is that the dress is way too low at the back. hate anything with logos (especially LV) but Jacqueline’s belt looks good

  2. Sonia looks horrible – complete mismatch and extremely tacky looking. Riya looks absolutely pathetic – there are no words whatsoever. I also doubt the authenticity of that belt. Jacqueline looks lovely – simple and chic.

  3. Jacqueline rocks here.
    Sonia (whoever she is ) -only thing good is her face makeup ,that too is ruined by that frowning look.

  4. Well i dont care enough about the chanel belts..even though chanel is god…But the belts just dont seem to do anything for me..but one look at Jacqueline and it reminded me of the seventh Ingmar Bergman..and oh dear whats wrong with sonia..shes got such a lovely face and i am sure she can find clothes that suit her body type…instead of wearing these weird dresses shes spotted in usually…as for riya sen..corsets and corsets and more corsets…i think its time she chucked them outta her closet… bored of her usual corset-y look(yawn)

  5. i love sonia look -nothing horrible about it -its chic n glamorous & very international -the problem with people commenting on this site is they are closed minded when it comes to fashion —-anything boring is attractive –people fashion is about breaking boundaries —–and hearts- for the ones who cant afford it -criticize the ones who can -lol !

  6. sonia garware looks like a nouveau riche aunty in this pic. in fact here she looks about 10 or 15 years older than her age. i think it’s because of the unflattering dress and poorly applied make up. jacqi looks gorgeous.


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