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Congrats to Sumitra, Shweta_suraj, Monica Dangeti, and Karuna! You will be hearing from us soon!


This week’s giveaway comes from Rejuvenate Jewels. Up for grabs are the two earrings, the belt and the body chain from their Heritage collection.


To win, all you have to do is:

1. Follow Rejuvenate Jewels on Facebook here and/or on Instagram here.

2. Follow HHC on Instagram here.

3. Tell us the price of any two of the items featured above. You can find your hint here.

Once you’ve followed Rejuvenate Jewels and us on social media, leave a simple ‘Done’ along with your answer in the comment section below.

As always, we also have a parallel giveaway running on Instagram where you can win a ring or a pair of earrings from the brand. Catch it here.

Now, the rules!

All comments will be pending moderation until contest closes.
– Contest closes on 14th Oct.
– We’ll pick four winners from a random draw from pool of qualified entries from here on the blog that will win either one of the four items. We will not entertain any preferences. If for any reason, a product is unavailable, one of equivalent value will be provided.
– One entry per person only on the blog please.
– Giveaway open only to Indian residents and you have to be above 18 to enter.

Good luck!

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  1. Done.
    The first earring “Hanging Heritage Hangover” is worth Rs. 3999.
    The last piece “Ancient coins Bodychain” is worth Rs. 6999.

  2. 1: Done
    2: Done
    3: Listed Below :
    ”5” Coin Earcuff – (RJEC328) – 3999
    ” Hanging Heritage Hangover” – 3999
    Ancient coins Bodychain – 6999


  3. Done
    Prices of two of the items –
    Earring – Hanging Heritage Hangover – Rs. 3999
    Body-chain – Ancient coins Bodychain – Rs. 6999

  4. EARRINGS (Hanging heritage hangover) – INR 3,999
    BODY CHAIN (Ancient coin bodychain) – INR 6,999

    DONE! – Followed Rejuvenate jewels and HHC on instagram as aasthagupta08

  5. Done
    The price of the Hanging Heritage Hangover” (RJE578) is Rs. 3,999/-
    The price of the Ancient coins Bodychain – (RJMBJ76) is Rs. 6,999/-
    Pieces are from HERITAGE COLLECTION.
    Hope to win one of the beauty!!

  6. Antique gold finish five turquoise coin earcuff. Price – Rs 3999

    Antique gold finish turquoise coin dome earrings. Price – Rs 3499


    Followed via @mehrajyoti

    Love the jewelry’s vintage look.

  7. The antique gold finish turquoise coin dome earrings sell for ?3499
    The antique gold finish five turquoise coin ear cuffs sells for ?3999

  8. Done.
    1) the long earrings are called the Hanging heritage hangover and are priced at INR 3999
    2) the ear cuffs is called the 5 coin ear cuff and is priced at INR 3999
    3) the body chain is called the ancient coin body chain and priced at INR 6999

  9. 1) The ear cuff from heritage collection is called ” 5 coin ” ear cuff and priced @ Rs 3,999
    2) The earring from heritage collection is called “Hanging coins hangover” and is priced @ 3,3000.

  10. Done.
    The prices are:
    1) Earcuff shown in the picture is named as 5coin earcuff and is priced at Rs 3999 and
    2)The long earings named as Hanging Heritage Hangover are also priced at Rs 3999

  11. ” Hanging Heritage Hangover” – INR 3999 (1st earrings)
    ”5” Coin Earcuff “- (RJEC328) – INR 3999 (3rd image)
    “Ancient coins Bodychain” – (RJMBJ76) – INR 6999 (4th image)


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