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In a case press releases gone haywire, Isha’s appearance for the brand was explained as follows:

“The gorgeous Bollywood actress Isha Koppikar Narang took the finale walk in a ravishing deep peach draped will power gown with the most fabulous spider mesh white gold diamond necklace, earrings and bracelet.”

Yup, you read that right… Will Power. At first, we cracked up but then after seeing Isha’s closeups, we think the description is quite apt. Sheer will power must be holding that gown up! :P

Isha Koppikar for Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers
At India International Jewellery Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i’m not sure i get the joke. are you laughing at the term? because my grandma used to tell me that in her day, strapless tops and gowns were known as will power gowns. so that really *is* the original term for it

    • have heard of the term too.. when i was buying a choli once, the boutique owner was persistent that i buy a ‘willpower’ choli. At that time I thought it was a joke too..
      but i think its probably a slang or something. Apt name tho…’willpower’ is just what u need for the strapless to sit safe :P

    • Are you serious? Ah hahahaha I’ve never heard of that before! Thanks @the mad momma and @athira – you just made my day.
      Willpower gowns – who woulda thunk it.

    • At the risk of sounding really awkward, her boobs were what caught my attention first. They look disproportionately big and pointy. Also can’t help noticing how her face has become really skinny from her early days, how do these women do it while I’m stuck here battling a chubby face? Anyhows I do love the dress – such a hot colour (uh deep peach ??!). Someone please tell me what’s the fuss with a strapless gown??

  2. I am totally not liking this look. It looks wierd. The dress i mean. ewww. And her hair is too pagenty.

    I think instead of looking at the jewelry, everyone is looking a couple of inches below !!!!!!

  3. I like the color and it looks nice on her, but the dress is a big fail. It looks like she is holding her breath afraid to let it out in case the whole thing collapses. The dress makes her boobs look like weapons of mass destruction; just point and shoot.

  4. Coined by the late Diva of Divas Marilyn Monroe, on being asked what held up her strapless dress…she replied WILLPOWER to the press….Isha looks ravishing…and besides she did not choose the colour, all was given by the stylist, except the shoes, how do I know, I was backstage.

  5. She is looking really pretty.. its not peach but bright pink.. coulour is very nice but the frills are really awful(and i do love frills). The front pose 1st snap shows how horible that dress is I mean it- Archana Kochhar clothes should not be posted

  6. the make-up is nice. the colors looks good on her (and it doenst look “deep peach” at all). the dress although is only ordinary…she really does look like an indian barbie…

  7. Well…she looks so pretty n radiant….the color is heavenly on her….she looks beautiful,toned n in shape…
    the bust padding of the gown is a lil much tho…bt i loweee the colour.

  8. i didnt get the joke either….strapless gowns are called will power gowns.. i know that cos i teach pattern making & cutting for will power gowns

  9. oh good lord! hehe…never knew there was a term like will power….you guys cracked me up!
    Seriously….if this is indeed an archana kochhar, i soooo hate her work! its ghastly!and correct me if im wrong..but ive never seen her get it right with amrita rao.


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