India International Jewellery Week 2014: Day Two

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Day two of IIJW saw fewer celebs (in comparison to day one) walking the ramp for designers. Divya and Sagarika stood out immediately but we are still finding it hard to believe Shraddha agreed to wear that gown as the showstopper.

P.S. Shraddha is in Karn Malhotra, Divya is wearing Junelia Aguiar and Sagarika is in an Anavila sari.


Left: Shraddha Kapoor for Gitanjali Group
Center: Divya Khosla Kumar for PN Gadgil
Right: Raveena Tandon for Dipti Amisha


Left: Sagarika Ghatge For Ganjam
Right: Zareen Khan for Swarovski

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. OMG! Is this a joke? Shraddha’s dress (if it can be called that) is the ugliest I’ve ever seen on this site. And what of Raveena Tandon? Why is she trying to be an exotic bird? And Zareen Khan… I mean what is WRONG with these people?

    • Seriously! Hideous all! The thing Shrada is wearing looks like cotton candy with fungus growing on it. Zarine just looks sad.

  2. Ha ha ha. But Shraddha still fares better in her atrocity than whatever is that which is sitting on Raveena’s head. On a different note, Shraddha’s bod. WOW!

  3. Class will always tell… it will whisper, never shout, and yet be louder than anything else in the room. The difference between the styling for Ganjam and the rest is breathtaking. It deserved a post of its own.

    • Wearing your saree hitched up like you are ready to start work? This is exactly how I remember my mom wearing her saree to begin heavy duty cleaning around the house

      • But MK, I’m sure your mum looked classier in her simple saree, than all these other ladies dressed to imitate a chandelier in some Middle Eastern Emir’s palace. I do know that my grandmas, and their mothers before them, looked uber elegant with their doorknob diamond earrings and nose studs when they did the housework!

  4. sagarika is wearing an Anavila saree. i get what they were going for, but i wish it were a little less haphazard. i like how Ganjam decided to pick a classy, understated sari to be the backdrop for their jewelry. the rest all look way over-styled and claustrophobic.

  5. Shraddha looks atrocious. It’s so ridiculous that calling it wthey would be an insult to wthey! And just because you want to dress your age doesn’t mean you wear bubble gum pink color outfit. She also looks so not glamorous . Only divya and sagarika look fine. Hate the rest of them

  6. Ladies,shraddha is not happy with her dress…you can guess so from her expressions :P and she is wearing more “jewellery” on her gown than on herself..also the bottom part of the gown is not really the gown its the OTTOMAN from the teenager gal’s room which is pinky pink and this poor gal got struck in that ottoman ( well this is the only possible explanation i can think of :P)

  7. If you are showcasing jewelry,why would you offset it really ornate/ ( I don’t know what to call shraddha’s outfit, except hideous) clothes. Case in point Zarine. I am not even looking at the jewelery

  8. Divya showcases her jewelry really well. And so does Zarine for that matter, because it’s in her lehenga…she just has too much jewelry on. The rest of the ladies aren’t so bad…Raveena’s hair could have been better though.

  9. Divya looks ok, and Sagarika as well except for the weird hair do. The other four outfits are just hideous. Shraddha’s is the most hideous outfit ever sewn. How did she agree to wear it? Also, who would even notice jewelry in that Senorita fell into Candy Floss get up?


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