India Inspired: DvF For H.Stern Sutra Collection

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DvF and H. Stern have had quite a success with their design collaborations and the latest in line, the Sutra collection has been received favorably too. The DvF for H. Stern Sutra collection draws inspiration from 18th century Indian mogul jewelry. Apparently. And I say “apparently” because I don’t really see it.

DvF For H.Stern Sutra Collection

At the back of each piece, one can find engraved Diane’s “Sutras”: Love, Laughter, Freedom and Truth. The jewelry that’s crafted using ancient techniques runs upwards of $3000.

More on the collection via DvF and H. Stern!

DvF For H.Stern Sutra Collection

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  1. chain-links inspired from18th century india??? there should be a requirement of a minimum 6th grade history/social sciences for all professions.

  2. Mogul Shmogul,… I dont see it either!
    It looks more oriental inspired to me… with the Chinese knot pattern and the chain loops.

    These days, its a fashion statement to use Indian names…whether it makes sense or not… another story!

  3. well it seems that the inspiration started and ended at the name ‘Sutra’..which actually seems to be inspired from ‘Kamasutra’ which again sounds so sure a big fashion house could have done way better with just a tiny bit of research.

  4. Well…Sutra in sanskrit means ” a strand that connects things” or ” a chain” and the designs depict this very clearly and they were right in naming the line as such. Mugal inspiration…i don’t see….

    • Amen. this is what it means. it is sad that the peeps at DvF got the meaning right while naming the collection but the people of the country that inspired it , have no clue.
      As much as i love mughal inspirations i dotn see it here also these chain forms can be seen very widely in filigiri silver works..which go way back in history.


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