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Barkha (of Barkha n Sonzal, a menswear design house) was spotted at a preview at Aza in a feathered Monisha Jaising skirt paired with a black tee and strappy sandals.

We get that she wanted the skirt to stand out and thus kept the top simple, but having seen the skirt with the jacket on the runway, the tee didn’t quite match up (for me anyways). Neither did the sandals. You like?

Catch the sister duo’s design on Barkha’s husband Rahul Sharma and father-in-law Shiv Kumar Sharma inside.

Rahul Sharma, Sonzal Patel, Barkha Sharma and Shiv Kumar Sharma

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  1. I LOVE your website!Keep up the good work guys :)

    Have you guys ever thought of starting your wardrobe consulting firm (wardrobe stylist/personal shopper)? Or does it already exists and I dont even know :D

    and if I happen to be the one to trigger this idea in your minds, would you guys play good samaritan and help me with my wardrobe ;) hahaha…

    Jokes aside, you guys should give it a serious thought!

    all d best :)

  2. Maybe a sleeveless black tee.
    Maybe tucked in.
    Maybe just a black sheer blouse. Tucked in.

    With a skirt like that you can’t afford to go casual.

    The shoes are hideous.

  3. You NEVER EVER wear a t-shirt on top of that skirt.
    Tuck a silk tank into it, put on skyscraper pumps and you’re good to go. The beauty of the skirt is in the silhouette, that spot under the waistband where it picks up volume.


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