In Twos

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It was a white and red kind of day for Ms. Fernandez who started of the day in a white Lavish Alice dress paired with an embellished red belt and Yeezy clear sandals. Party time later on saw her in a red polka dot Saloni dress and white Louboutin pumps.

Which look did you prefer? My vote went to the Saloni. The belt with its loose end against the ruffles of the dress felt too distracting.

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  1. I don’t like her personal taste in fashion and glad she has ditched those teeny (read comical) poses but I must confess, I absolutely love her smile. She is one happy woman. I love the way she smiles from within and exudes positivity. Always charming. Coming to her clothes here, I like the red dress more. That white dress is too elegant to spoil it with that giant red belt.

    • Agreed! With that enchanting, infectious smile and that killer bod, I won’t pay attention to what she’s wearing. I’d say the clothes are just for effects :-P

  2. I hate, hate, hate those clear sandals. They went away for a good long while, why are such tasteless things back again?
    Ms. Fernandez looks great despite those travesties.


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