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We had a few more Sabya sari spottings over the weekend, first on Vidya in Melbourne and on Sunday on Sridevi on the show Satyamev Jayate. Got a favorite?

P.S. Am not a fan of red on red but damn, doesn’t Vidya look beautiful in hers?

Vidya Balan at AFL Match in Melbourne

Sridevi on Satyamev Jayate

Photo Credit: Daylife,

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  1. Vidya looks fabulous. Sridevi looks good although seeing her on the show made me miss the old Sridevi (the one the guy in Satyamev Jayate adored watching on screen) who had curves and wasn’t so fragile looking.

  2. I am in love with Sri’s sari. So very dignified. Vidya does look fabulous in red, But here’s a tiny doubt that has cropped up in my head ever since her Melbourne pics – has she drifting towards the one-boob drape? Please Vidya, don’t succumb to pressure. The sari is not meant to be worn that way. :-(

    • I agree.. i wanted to comment that too. In her recent appearance she is going towards the one boob drape !!! I hate that. She was one female who was wearing the saree properly and now she goes and becomes like the rest.

  3. Vidya looks so pretty though the saree is nothing designerish.

    Sridevi looked soooo sooo beautifull in a colour which i would have never picked out because its a rather dull colour. She was glowing !

  4. Wow, Vidya looks stunning in the red! Am amazed she’s in a saree without a shawl or anything! Its pretty cold in Melbourne!

  5. A contrasting blouse in black or gold could have upped the look for Vidya……
    Would not change a think on Sridevi…..she looks lovely.Is that a Satin saree?

  6. Vidya Balan and her Sarees and her ‘looks’ are so ordinary and so dated all the time.Her looks belong in the 60’s
    On the other hand Sridevi looks quite elegant !

  7. Vidya looks great even though her sari is nothing special. Sridevi’s sari is gorgeous but i am a little creeped out by the absolutely wrinkle-less and stiff face!

      • If we talk about wrinkle-elss, stiff face..Then we will have to bring the whole bollywood brigade down right from what Kangana did…


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