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As much as I love Hrithik, this appearance of his is such a downer in that satin waistcoast. And, do I see a satin mini-tie??? WTHeyyy is that??? The only good thing about his look is that his scruffy look (one that he had on for ‘Guzarish’ is finally over).

Suzanne, on the other hand, looks fabulous in the sequin dress. I just wish she hadn’t paired the dress with a silver clutch and silver shoes.


Sussanne and Hrithik Roshan at ‘Kites’ New York Premiere

Photo Credit: Wireimage

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  1. aaaawful…is susanne headed to a club? come oen she cud’ve chosen somethign better than a disco ball for her hubby’s premiere…short is great, shiny…not so much!
    hrithik always dresses like a roadside romeo and sucks his cheeks in to make his cheekbones pop even more…why trying so hard always???
    TACKY TACKY TACKY….take some lessons from mama roshan, you two

  2. Hrithik Roshan is a fabulous looking man, but he ruins everything go has given him. The sunglasses, the akward things he does with his mouth, his tacky suits, his baseball caps, his *shudder* man cleavage

    His absolute lack of class degrades him from a greek god to a road-side romeo as mj15 said. So gorgeous, yet so uncouth. *Sigh*

    Sussane disappoints me. she usually looks porcelien doll-like but she looks so tawdry here.

  3. hrithik has to try real hard ( and he is indeed trying that here) to look bad… kind of manages it here, but still looking like a million bucks in front of his wife… bland bland, bland, dull and boring written all over!

  4. Suzanne’s dress in not suited for women large (or even) busts. This dress kind of ages her. Hrithik would do well to become a minimalist – too much going on.

  5. Hrithik looks so gangsta – and that’s not a compliment.
    Sussanne looks like she’s out going clubbing.

    Young college girl Sussanne is out dancing with her friends and she happens to catch the eye of Nouveau rich gangster Hrithik who owns the club. He orders a drink for her and she searches for the guy whose bought her the drink. Their eyes meet across the room and ……….. I think I’m going nuts but that’s the story that comes in my head when I see them together.

  6. Not sure if Sussanne’s dress was event appropriate but OMG I am in pyaar with that dress and honestly I think she’s adorb. Can it be ID-ed please? (like I’ll have the $$ to buy it, but still… I like knowing).

    Wow… ‘mini-tie’ sick out. It’s so horrid I’m not even thinking about the satin.

  7. Susanne could have at least spend some money in getting her hair done. and it is time she gets rid of the red tint from her hair. Hrithik does look like a roadside romeo.

  8. Mebe she wanted to look hot for hubby dearest. It must be hard being married to one of the hottest guys on the planet. I think she looks good, not very fashionable or event appropriate but she does look hot.


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