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At the Hinduja wedding, Jiah Khan made her appearance in what else but black!! Of the three back-to-back appearances in ‘black’, which is your favorite? I’d have to pick the black sari; however filmy it may be, she does look the best in it when compared to her other two avatars!


L To R: At ‘Victory’ Premiere, At Falguni And Shane Peacock’s Party, At The Hinduja Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t know what it is about this gal but style-wise she hardly registers on the radar – I don’t know if its the fake looking hair (is it extensions or real??) regardless it looks fake,or is it the facial skin tone that doesn’t match the rest of her skin tone? or what but I can’t take to her or her style. The sari is the least offensive it’s very filmi but that is no bad thing on occasion.

  2. @ Keya: I felt confused too, but i think its a one-shoulder blouse

    I too prefer her in the saree, its filmi, yes but its a high profile occassion so i guess its ok…

    and thankfully her make-up is much better, still don’t like the colour of her lippy, and blusher too!

  3. for starters, everytime i see this girl she is wearing the wrong foundation.

    now that i have that out of the way, i’m obv going with the sari because she at least looks somewhat present. This girl is a blank canvas just waiting to be painted on!

  4. yes i was wondering as well how she got invited to sucha high profile wedding?

    i dont like any of her looks but if i had to pick, it wold be first dress on the left.

  5. she looks best in the sari but what hell is a clutch for, if your gonna carry then put ur stuff in it…its so annoying to see ladies carrying clutches but they carry their phones in their hands…ugh its so annoying


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