‘Not Quite’: A ‘Socialite’ Edition

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We don’t mind Avanti’s David Szeto Dress, just wish she skipped the belt and chose subtler jewelry… As for Laila, while ‘subtle’ is not what one associates with her choice in clothes, do wish she too had skipped the belt! And the oh-so-very-gold bag!


Avanti Birla (Left) And Laila Lamba At ‘Raih’ Med Spa Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. @Protyasha
    that wouldn’t even be a face off :D
    Love the dress and (especially) the Lanvin top…but not worn like that :/
    p.s If that isn’t a wig I should really be in bed right now

  2. definitely mutton dressed as lamb. it doesn’t matter how many millions these two women have. it can’t give them the innate grace, style or attractiveness which they so obviously lack.

  3. Avanti looks terrible! The ugly hair color, the ill-fitting dress, the frumpy shoes..all contribute to making her look short and stumpy.
    Laila looks like an overgrown teenager, which seems to be a look favored by a lot of rich, skinny women.

  4. omg, avanti looks really bad. she’d look fine if she just wore simple clothes and dyed her hair a more natural colour. these two look like a couple of walking fashion disasters. i’d be so embarrassed if i was their kid.

  5. Avanti’s dress reminds me of the similar dress Freida wore in NY. Obviously Freida’s was muchh much better..better fit, better style and looked classy and elegant..which this one totally lacks.

  6. If God meant for us to have had blond, ash blond, ashen blond (whatever you want to call it!) hair, she would have given us that!! Ok, getting back to the clothes, its two-thumbs DOWN for both of them!! Blue and leopard print should never be mixed and that bag is so bright I needed to put on sunglasses!


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