A Brown Out!

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Govinda was another one to pull a WTHeyy at the IIFA awards in an all brown suit…! That is just too much brown to be looking at and only reminds me of “you know what”!!

govindaiifa.jpg govindaiifa1.jpg


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  1. heheheh oh dear govinda…

    his daughter looks weird, like the orange looks nice against her skin. but her face just has too much foundation.
    btw, is that gown kinda “cut” into two?

  2. not brown..its golden tendin towars brown…..jeez wats wid this guy…seems the whole family bought the shiny fabric n got it dyed in diff colors…

  3. ^^ right …….they all r wearing same fabric but in different colors , thank goodness that at least govinda picked brown one out of 3

  4. ^ she was standing behind him DUH! gosh

    anyhoo his wife needs to lay off the white foundation, it is freaky..same goes for the daughter, she is a plain jane

    govinda’s been wearing wacky clothes for years, he’s made a career out of wearing the most weirdest clothes ever, nothing new there

    at least he sticks to what he wants to wear and not what he’s supposed to wear.. major props to him.. to me that is having a style.. not following the norm because you’re supposed to

  5. dont like anybody in the frames.. Govinda is OTT, wifey is OTT, and doter was almost ok but then she had to cut her dress at the waist.. we are family!


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