Shoe Spotting

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Update: Looks like the D’Decor folks got wind of this post! Noticed how the shoe tag is now missing? :P

With all the extreme photoshopping going on these days, we’re surprised how the marketing team missed the label at the bottom of Gauri’s McQueens. :P We are a wee bit tickled.

Left: Gauri & Shah Rukh Khan For D’Decor
Right: Alexander McQueen Cutout Faithul Sandals

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  1. Forget photoshop, shouldn’t a woman with class take off the price tag fro the bottom of the shoe?

    Perfect Example – Money can buy you Mc Queens but not class!

  2. OMG I hate it in reality when I see women walking around wearing shoes with labels and price tags still attached to the bottom!!

  3. I have a theory- I think they photoshopped the label on to prove to ppl like us that there is ‘nothing like photoshoping’ :P ” see…had we photoshopped it, dont you think we’d take the label off?? they are au-natural’ :P :P

  4. Errrr..whats with the bust being enhanced in the second pic? And the cheeks more contoured too? One would think PS was supposed to make things more flattering! tch tch

  5. If you notice a lot of other things have also changed – the sharpness of the cushion covers, the contours of G’s cheek, the colour of SRK’s shoes…..


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