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Wearing sequin MxS cargo pants with a shirt that she knotted at the waist, Gauri attended the label’s launch party on Saturday evening. Not that the outfit looked good, but the bigger offense here was the makeup. Looked sooo cakey.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. If celebrities with all their stylists look bad in their mxs outfits , don’t know how civilians would fair.in short nobody is gonna buy from this label. Lol

      • Looks like anyone with money and connections is a designer or an interior decorator in Bollywood.
        I dont understand what compelled these women to dress in these ghastly clothes and appear in public.

        • Very True! And because of this reason I actually feel for the other designers/interior decorators in town,the people who must have actually gone to art school/fashion school and learnt about such sciences in detail. Laymen must be thinking it requires zero skills/training to become a designer.

          • your correct.. i have seen star ‘designer’ get preference over the unknown designer only because atleast they are friends and are aware of who they are buying from.. like a barter… you buy mine – i buy yours.

  2. I feel for Gauri. Maybe she couldn’t say no because Shweta is a close friend. What else could explain her wearing this. She ain’t no fashionista but she sticks to an aesthetic and recently has been looking good.

  3. I think this is what is wrong with Bollywood, what are her credentials about fashion/design. No doubt outsiders complain about nepotism, this is a classic example of it. Also, almost every single garment in this collection is atrocious. Also why would you subject your friends to such horrible clothes, frenemy alert :P.

  4. With such amazing makeup artists and products that her money can buy, why is her face always so shiny and eyebrows so ‘surprised’ ? They need to start their own Real Housewives of Mumbai-lands.


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