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Léger lovers Gauri and Sussanne were spotted donning the figure huggin’ label at Arjun Rampal’s bash. Black may have been a safe color to go for Gauri, unfortunately the one shouldered dress made the twins look rather lopsided. We’re digging Sussanne’s yellow and green combo more.

Gauri Khan and Sussanne Roshan at Arjun Rampal’s Birthday Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I hope for Gauri’s sake this is a bad pose/photo. I hate HerveL bandage dresses, they look OK on the thin, tall and flat chested. I agree, Sussane looks better. I do like Gauri’s shoes.

  2. Its true, you can’t buy class or common sense.
    Someone please tell Mrs. khan and Roshan, if you are wearing Herve Leger, you NEED to invest in SPANKS!
    and someone please tell Gauri ladies don’t stand with their legs wide apart.

    • SPANKS? Unwittingly brought to mind a good walloping by their respective husbands! :-O JFYTR, I’m dead against abuse of any sort, especially of the domestic kind.

      Bet though, the Spanx ppl won’t be too thrilled by the implied euphemism of the misspelled word…:-S

  3. i dont like the dress on either, though sussane’s color combo is good, but they both dont have the figure for it or need good undergarments.

  4. Too much colour happening on suzanne.. that hair, that blush that bronzer and those two neon colours. Makes her look patchy all over.
    Gauri is a such a beautiful woman, needs to come out that poufy hair-bangs-tight dress rut.

  5. Gauri has an amazing figure for her age and so does susanne. So kudos for that. And LoL on the twins comment, witty and true. So called figure huggin label does not do much huggin does it, the poor twin.


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