It’s A Wrap!

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The closing night of the Dubai International Film Festival wasn’t as glitzy as the previous other nights have been. Everyone went a more casual route and while Freida continued to look her gorgeous self, the cast of ‘Firaaq’ did disappoint quite a bit.

You can check a full length picture of them here.


Freida Pinto, Dubai International Film Festival Closing Night


L To R: Sanjay Suri, Nandita Das and Shahana Goswami


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  1. I actually liked Nandita Das here, then took a look at the full-length pic and had a quick change of mind. From what I saw here I had taken her outfit to be a black dress. Didn’t realize those were boring trousers!

  2. i wonder if it is a matter of economics? frieda is part of a big american studio film so she probably has a team of stylists and a large budget for these public appearances. the firaq team, on the other hand, are part of a low budget indian film and have to dress themselves from their own wardrobe. thoughts?

  3. Like FP’s dress, but wish she laid off the black jacket and instead chosen a white/beige/creamish color…would have made her whole look pop! and she really din’t need the tights…ODing the black there…

  4. yikes! what is Ms Pinto?? an old aunt? she is covered from top to bottom.. i dont think those black tights were necessarry.. nah, not at all i think..
    firaaq team looks chilled out and nandita das looks gr8

  5. sanjay suri looks so cool and confident in his jeans and black jacket, surely someone who knows his presence cannot be ignored, i specially like the black T inside his shirt…simple, smart and sexy.
    Nandita is looking attractive and so is Shana.
    Who is Mr right?

  6. I think Freida looks great! (the satin jacket on the satin dress is pushing it a bit but she makes it work)
    Nandita looks great NECK up…but the rest


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