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It was back to back Stella McCartney dresses for Ms. Pinto at the 18th Hamptons International Film Festival. At the Chairman’s Reception, Freida wore a floral Stella with nude pumps with her hair down for a casual look. The next day saw her in a leopard print Stella with Roger Vivier pumps. Anyone else think the black pumps were too serious for the blue dress?

Left: Chairmen’s Reception at Hamptons International Film Festival
Right: Miral Screening at Hamptons International Film Festival

Photo Credit: JustJared

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  1. I like her look in the first Stella dress…I am not too fond of the leopard print on her since I think it wears her rather than the other way around. Besides, the dress itself ain’t all that special.

  2. yeah just plain pumps would have been better but she still looks lovely….

    n i absoutely adore her other look….very chic n very effortless…

    on an aside im not a student of fashion nor do i work in fashion but a lover of fashion i am… what was the hdil couture week all about??as a socializing/networking/page 3 event im sure it worked….but the fashion on display on ramps??hideous/tacky/unimaginative/repetitive…im almost certain there were no buyers…so is fashion in our country only a hobby/distraction for the wealthy n not a serious business??sad cause it has the potential to be much more effective n meaningful…n the god awful clothes on the 10( or was it 8??)bollywood ladies..but atleast you can overlook that considering it was (or atleast ostensibly so)for a good cause…

    sorry for rambling…

    • I completely understand…Indian ‘fashion’ seems to be regressing rapidly. The recent ‘couture’ (what a joke) week was just eyesore after eyesore in terms of the clothes, and does Bollywood really need another event to socialize and hobnob with themselves? I mean, aren’t the dozen or so award shows every year not sufficient for the Bachhan-Khan-Kumar-Roshan clique to celebrate themselves and their ‘wonderful achievements’?
      There are so many talented and opportunity-starved Indian designers…when do they get their breaks? Sorry for the rant guys. Couture week had me soooo mad.

      *Sigh…Coming to the point..Freida looks great. Yeah, she could have done better in the shoe department but after the strain on my optic nerves from all of the ‘couture week’ celeb fashion, Freida looks like she stepped off the pages of Vogue Italia.

  3. she looks good in both the appearances. Maybe the second look is a bit downer if compared to the first one…. but she clearly exudes a sense of carefree style in both her looks.

  4. Love the first look! absolutly drooling over the dress ..

    as for the second..hmmph.. the black shoes broke the flow of the whole look ! :(

  5. Usually don’t like her looks but both of these are pretty good despite the pumps in the second pic. The dresses are perfect for her frame and complexion.

  6. Pnp did u see her photo shoot for Italian vogue october issue?? She looks absolutely stunning.I saw those pics in her fan site(freidapintofan).

  7. Love love love the blue dress. Great colour and print. Plain platform pumps would have been perfect but i don’t mind the shoes. Don’t like the other look as much


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