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Evelyn in her Sailex showed us that just because we may love something on the runway doesn’t mean it will work on us. She tried to work the sheer panel gown but all one was distracted by were the lopsided twins.

Plus, she left out the best part of the ensemble. That lustworthy sequin motorcyle jacket.

Evelyn Sharma at Vogue India’s 5th Anniversary Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The gown needs a/the belt, otherwise it looks like some unfinished business.

    Unfortunate pose = lopsided twins, & no, the necklace does not make the daring décolleté any less obvious.

    If you go for it, WERK it, OWN it as if there is no tomorrow.

  2. I don’t mean to be a ball buster and I don’t know either of your backgrounds or even where you post from etc but sometimes the English is appalling… Almost ‘trying-too-hard’. I do love the site and how far it has come so apologise if I offend you or any other fans.

    • I agree with that but English is not their first language so they can be excused. Most(maybe all) of their audience is Indian and I don’t think it bothers us. Its not a deal breaker for me.


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