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She may have been dressed in one label head to toe, but Evelyn really mixed it up print wise while attending the movies. Now if it was one striped piece with the floral blazer, this look would’ve really worked but two against one felt a bit much.

What say you? Or would you have preferred her to just skip the altogether and just go with stripes?


Far Left, Left: Evelyn Sharma at Man Of Steel SCreening
Top Right: Zara Striped Shirt
Bottom Right: Zara Striped Shorts
Far Right: Zara Floral Blazer

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  1. Different stripes with florals may seem like fashion harakari !!
    But the end result looks weirdly pleasant on Evelyn.
    Please id the footwear !!

  2. Those three piece of clothes can really work..provided you wear them separately….but when put together this is just waste of b’ful things :P


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