Being Shoe Fetishists

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We love those Louboutins… as for the dress itself, no. But then Malaika in true form manages to wear almost anything and make it work okay!


Malaika Arora Khan At EMI Music Launch


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  1. Shoes look too big and the dress is trashy. Not a good look for her. But surprisingly she still dosent look too hoochie mama. It could be the confidence she shows. The same dress on someone else would be very very hoochie.

  2. er///I don’t see a Dita resemblance, nor, really, aPadma
    BUT I have to say, I love the style of the dress it self, I’ve never seen her in a dress that cut and usually, such a cut enables one to look sexy without being slutty
    you know what, this has totally grown on me, transperant fabrics are a trend and her shoes are too big

  3. She looks so trashy…again. I think ts much better to see the Aishwaryas and Preitys in their so called ‘boring’ attire…would never see them in anything so tacky.

  4. it’s amazing how much person can look so classy and well put together at one time….
    …. and the other time she can look like this!!

    rakhi sawant for the upper class!!

  5. Whats the mark on her right elbow? Healing wound? Wouldn’t someone want to cover/hide that in a pic instead of posing in a way to make it very prominent? Love the shoes.. They don’t seem large – just her trying to stretch onto her toes…
    Don’t like the dress though.

  6. What does MAK look like without the heavy make up, skin tight dresses and the pouty poses? It’s getting really tiresome- her looking like this all…the… time…

  7. She’s such a Goddess… she could wear the most hideous thing and I think I’d still love her. Yeah, the pouting etc is beyond her age but it’s Maliaka and like her name she’s an effin’ queen so she can do whatever : ) haha a humble… fan.


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